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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Let us handle your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your business


Our Hybrid Backup Solution

We offer a state-of-the-art backup and business continuity solution

We'll backup your servers, documents, and application data on a daily basis. We'll also provide you with a backup appliance to put onsite at your office which will store your backups locally for quick recovery. On top of that, we'll also store all of your backups in the cloud to ensure your data is always safe and accessible from anywhere. Ransomware encrypted all your files? No problem. Your building burned down in a fire? No problem - Propel has got you covered.


The Importance of Business Continuity

Data loss can be crippling - we're here to help you avoid those costly incidents

When it comes to your business's technology, there's arguably nothing more important than ensuring your data is backed up and secure. With the rise of Ransomware and new malware popping up everyday, it's crucial to have a business continuity plan in place. For many businesses, data loss can cost thousands or even millions of dollars of damage along with countless hours of lost work, so it's wise to invest in a rock-solid BDR solution to ensure your company never has to worry.

When your business has Propel Technology's BDR solution in place, you won't skip a beat when disaster strikes. In the event your company is infected with Ransomware, a disgruntled employee deletes important documents, or you accidentally deleted some files 2 months ago, we'll have those files restored to you in a matter of hours. Even if disaster strikes, such as a server crash, Propel's BDR solution takes an image backup of your server we can spin up in the cloud and have your business back online within hours.

Looking for a Rock-Solid BDR Solution?

Get in touch with our expert BDR consultants to discuss your business continuity needs.