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Customer Support

Supplemental IT Support

Project support, vacation coverage, and consultation services for internal IT teams


What is Supplemental IT Support?

For businesses that have their own IT team, but need higher-level support, or backup support (e.g. covering vacations, large projects), our Supplemental IT Support offering is a great option. Based on your business's needs, we can work side-by-side with your existing IT team to supplement your help desk, manage your network infrastructure, or provide coverage on an as-needed basis.


Benefits of Supplemental IT Support

Helping hands, there when you need them

Broad Scope of Knowledge

Our team has decades of experience with IT systems of all shapes and sizes. If your internal IT team is faced with a unique problem, chances are we've seen it before. Even if we haven't, our technicians specialize in tackling the unknown and developing creative solutions to address even the most particular hurdles.

Strategic IT Leadership

Your internal IT team is great at keeping things running and fixing problems as they arise, but are they business-minded as well? Propel Technology's leadership team has extensive experience acting as vCIO for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We'll help make sure your business is always forward-thinking when it comes to technology; planning for the future, formulating strategic IT goals, and helping you analyze and rework your business processes with efficiency, sustainability, and scalability in mind.

Additional Coverage

Your IT systems need full-time coverage. When your in-house IT person goes on vacation, is out sick, or runs into a particularly pesky problem, supplemental IT support is the perfect option to fill the gaps. We'll work with your internal team to ensure that your business runs smoothly, no matter the situation.

Ready to Fill the Gaps in Your IT Department?

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