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HIPAA Compliance

Experienced HIPAA compliance consultants in Denver, CO


HIPAA Compliance Doesn't Have to Be Hard

HIPAA compliance is complicated and time consuming, and mistakes can be very costly - Propel Technology is here to help you get the job done right

Our highly trained engineers have helped dozens of healthcare companies achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance. We can evaluate your current HIPAA compliance standing as well as help you implement new policies and procedures to become HIPAA compliant.

Our Approach

Our tried-and-true approach to helping healthcare businesses achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance


Propel will evaluate your current IT infrastructure for HIPAA compliance. We'll provide you with a report of the HIPAA requirements you meet, don't meet, and provide a proposal including a plan of action to get your business HIPAA compliant.


Propel will work execute the plan of action detailed in the proposal, working with your team to ensure that there is minimal to zero friction for your staff. We'll tackle the low-hanging fruit first, then work up to the more nuanced facets of compliance.

Ongoing Management

HIPAA compliance isn't "set it and forget it". We'll assist you with the ongoing training, regular audits, and documentation requirements you need to meet to keep your practice compliant moving forward.

HIPAA Compliance Requirements

We're well-versed in helping our clients achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance. Here are some of the key requirements we'll work with you on:

-  Access control: Technical policies must be implemented to only allow authorized persons to access electronic protected health information (e-PHI)

-  Encryption: Any e-PHI data must be encrypted both in transit and at rest

-  Audit logs: Audit logs must be implemented to record and examine access to systems that contain e-PHI

-  Physical access controls: Physical access to facilities must be limited to authorized persons

-  Computer use policies: Policies and procedures must be implemented to ensure proper use and security of

workstations with access to e-PHI

-  Risk assessments: HIPAA compliant entities must perform regular risk analysis assessments

-  Employee training: HIPAA compliant entities must also train all workforce members who work with e-PHI on HIPAA security policies and procedures

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