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Managed IT Services

Let us handle your IT infrastructure so you can focus on your business


What is Managed IT Services?

For most small and midsize businesses, managed IT services is a no-brainer.

If you're a small or midsize business, chances are you rely extensively on technology. You might have someone at your office who is "good with computers", or maybe you've been "winging it" yourself, but the time will come when you need to take your IT more seriously. If you're in that position, Managed IT Services are likely the best option for you. With our Managed IT Services plan, we'll act as your IT department at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house IT.

Our Managed IT Services program includes everything your business needs to keep your IT infrastructure running without a hitch. It includes unlimited remote and onsite support, proactive monitoring and maintenance, backup and disaster recovery, vCIO services, and much more.


Core Features

Unlimited Remote & Onsite Support

Unlimited Remote & Onsite Support

Our plan includes unlimited remote and onsite support. Unlike our competitors, we never charge you extra for coming onsite, and we will never waste your time trying to fix an issue remotely when it's easier to handle in person.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We provide a hybrid backup & disaster recovery solution free of charge. Our service includes backup software, a NAS for storing local backups, and cloud storage for off-site backups.

vCIO Services

vCIO Services

We're not just here to fix things when they break. Our experienced IT consultants will act as your company's vCIO, helping you to formulate strategic IT goals, plan your IT budget, analyze business processes, and facilitate technology improvements.

Rock-Solid Network

Rock-Solid Network

Modern companies rely heavily on their IT systems, so downtime is not an option. Our engineers will assess your infrastructure and make any necessary changes to make sure your systems are always running smoothly.



With the current state of technology, cybersecurity is more important than ever. We'll install a state-of-the-art UTM firewall at your office, install antivirus software on every computer, monitor for incoming threats and attacks, provide multi-factor authentication solutions, and educate your employees on security best practices.

Vendor Liaison

Vendor Liaison

We know you have enough work on your plate, and you definitely don't want to be spending your team dealing with countless IT vendors (e.g. Comcast or AT&T). We will act as a middleman for all of your IT vendor relationships so that you only have to deal with a local firm you can trust - Propel.

We Care About Your Business

We're a lot more than just your IT help desk.

We'll make sure your business's technology is running smoothly at all times, but our main goal is to help you grow your business. We'll work with you on how best to use modern IT and technology in order to make your employees more efficient, cut costs, and reduce headache. We truly care about your business and we do our best to build long-lasing relationships with each and every one of our clients. We're a small business, too - and we're all in this together.

Benefits of our Managed IT Services

Why Propel Technology's Managed IT Services offering is a better option than in-house IT for most small and midsize businesses

Lower IT Costs

Propel's offering cuts customer cost by an average of 40% compared to in-house IT. Propel's managed IT support services are priced on a predictable, fixed monthly fee based primarily on the number of employees in your organization.

Superior Support

Propel prides itself on having an extraordinarily fast response time, currently averaging about 6 minutes, vastly ahead of our competition. You won't find response times like ours anywhere else!


We take security very seriously here. A rock-solid infrastructure that never goes down is great, but how secure that network is from intrusions or hackers is just as important. We apply state-of-the-art security practices to all of our clients' networks as well as our own to ensure that your data is always safe.

Seamless Onboarding

We strive to make our onboarding process as seamless as possible for our clients. Generally, the first week involves transitioning your current IT infrastructure into our systems. From there we'll work on resolving any ongoing IT issues or concerns you have, then we'll work together to maintain your infrastructure and further drive efficiency for your business.

Broad Scope of Knowledge

One of the key aspects of hiring Propel instead of an in-house IT person - other than the cost savings - is utilizing our entire team's broad scope of knowledge. Sure, your average in-house IT guy might be great at supporting your Windows workstations, but can they handle managing your AWS cloud infrastructure? How about that obscure error that cripples your server? Are they up to date on the latest security practices? With Propel, you get the diverse expertise of all of our team members at your disposal, not a one-trick pony.

Strategic IT Leadership

With Propel, you're not only going to get killer IT support, but we'll also act as your vCIO, or virtual Chief Information Officer. We'll help make sure your business is always forward-thinking when it comes to technology, plan for the future, formulate strategic IT goals, and help you analyze and rework your business processes.

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