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Boulder IT Helpdesk Services

Cut IT costs by 40% with our expert help desk. Gain a more optimized annual IT budget today!


Businesses That Rely on Our IT Helpdesk Company in Boulder

Get Rapid Resolution of IT Issues with Our Remote Helpdesk Services in Boulder

See why 151+ companies count on us to provide best-in-class IT helpdesk services.

Reasons to choose Propel Technology as your helpdesk services provider:

  • Reduce annual IT expenses by 40% with our IT helpdesk services – tailored to your needs
  • Gain complete, 24/7/365 end-to-end IT support with our IT helpdesk services – One Invoice, One Vendor
  • Avoid expensive IT payroll costs with our flexible per-user per-month pricing for IT helpdesk services
  • Get sudden and urgent IT issues solved fast with included remote and on-site support at zero extra charge
  • Benefit from our flexible service options with our industry-recognized IT helpdesk services – change anytime

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Propel Technology

Boulder IT Helpdesk

4770 Baseline Rd suite 200, Boulder, CO 80303, United States

Request a Quote: +1 720-408-6750

Why We Are a Leader Among Other Helpdesk Services Providers in Boulder


Businesses supported by our IT helpdesk services


Proven reduction in annual IT costs


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Features of Our IT Helpdesk Services in Boulder

40% Reduction in Annual IT Costs – Guaranteed

Drive efficiency and growth in your business by leveraging Propel Technology’s IT helpdesk support.

Experience a 40% reduction in annual IT costs compared to in-house solutions. Propel’s offering includes unlimited support, network equipment lease, and data backup. Tailor your plan to your needs, focusing on security, compliance, and more.

Say goodbye to incompatible IT systems and rising costs.

6-Minute Average Response Time

Gain peace of mind with Propel Technology’s IT helpdesk services, offering an extraordinary 6-minute average response time.

Benefit from unlimited remote and onsite support without any extra charges.

Whether it’s a minor glitch or a major issue, our team is ready to assist you, ensuring that IT issues are resolved promptly and efficiently.

From Fully-Managed to Light Service Options

Streamline your IT operations with Propel Technology’s customizable managed IT services.

Choose from Fully Managed Services with unlimited support (at one flat monthly fee, from “Light” Managed Services at $20 per computer per month, or an even lighter time and materials at $130/hr.

Our widely-recognized IT helpdesk services adapt to your unique needs, aligning IT with your business goals and offering flexibility.

High-Level Support and Backup for Your IT Team

Enhance your existing IT team with Propel Technology’s Supplemental IT Support.

Whether you need higher-level support, backup for vacations, or assistance with large projects, our IT helpdesk services are here to work side-by-side with your team.

From help desk management to network infrastructure, we provide coverage as needed, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficiency.

Custom Advice and Helpdesk Support

Propel your business forward with strategic IT leadership.

As part of our managed service offering, Propel Technology’s IT helpdesk services also come with your very own dedicated vCIO, ensuring forward-thinking technology planning, strategic IT goals, and reworking business processes.

With our broad scope of knowledge, you get diverse expertise at your disposal, not just a one-trick pony.

Need a New IT Partner to Take the Reigns Post-Haste?

Discover why Propel Technology is the most trusted IT helpdesk provider for more than 151 businesses in Boulder

IT Helpdesk in Boulder Colorado

Trust Propel Technology for Comprehensive Remote and Onsite IT Support

Propel’s Boulder IT helpdesk services include unlimited remote and onsite support.

Never worry about extra charges for on-site visits or wasted time on remote fixes.

We pride ourselves on our IT helpdesk services because of our fast response times, averaging about 6 minutes.

Access support from anywhere, anytime, and let Propel’s dedicated team handle your IT needs with unmatched efficiency.

IT Helpdesk in Boulder CO

Guaranteed Service Levels for All Our IT Helpdesk Services

We’re proud to offer contractually guaranteed service levels when it comes to all of our services, including our renowned IT helpdesk services.

Know exactly what to expect and how to maximize the value of any service request.

Our IT helpdesk SLAs outline the minimum quality and consistency, ensuring complete confidence in the ROI and value you receive.

Boulder IT Helpdesk Services

Reduce Your Annual IT Costs by 40% with Propel's Expert Helpdesk

Cut ties with restrictive contracts and embrace the freedom of Propel’s IT helpdesk service.

Guaranteed service levels mean you hold us accountable to performance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re never locked into a bad deal.

Our IT helpdesk is about trust, flexibility, and a commitment to excellence.

Plus, you can experience a 40% reduction in annual IT costs when recurring IT issues are solved at the source—and let your business soar.


FAQs About Our IT Helpdesk Services in Boulder

Achieving alignment between IT systems and business goals is paramount.

Propel Technology offers strategic IT leadership, acting as your virtual Chief Information Officer.

By focusing on forward-thinking technology planning and reworking business processes, Propel ensures that IT is not just a cost center but a growth driver.

The average Propel customer cuts IT costs by 40%, making growth and efficiency attainable.

Security in today’s technology landscape is non-negotiable.

Propel Technology offers Managed Security Services along with our IT Helpdesk services with 24/7 threat monitoring, regular assessments, and employee training.

State-of-the-art UTM firewalls, antivirus software, and multi-factor authentication solutions are part of the package.

Propel’s commitment to cybersecurity is not just about protection; it’s about empowering businesses to thrive in a secure environment.

Propel Technology understands that businesses may have existing IT teams but still require specialized support.

Offering Supplemental IT Support, Propel can work side-by-side with your team, managing network infrastructure or providing backup support.

This collaboration ensures that your business has access to Propel’s broad scope of knowledge, enhancing your existing capabilities without the need for a complete overhaul.

Trust and transparency are key. Propel Technology offers contractually guaranteed service levels, outlining the minimum quality and consistency of services.

This includes clear and transparent guidelines for the service desk, ensuring clients know exactly what to expect. Propel’s extraordinary response time, averaging about 6 minutes sets it vastly ahead of the competition.

These guarantees reflect Propel’s commitment to delivering value and confidence.

Propel Technology specializes in cloud consulting, offering expertise with major providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Whether it’s serverless infrastructure, hybrid infrastructure, or cloud migrations, Propel ensures a smooth transition. Security is paramount, and Propel’s knowledge ensures that your business’s data remains secure.

The benefits of moving to the cloud with Propel include increased collaboration, flexibility, and low-to-zero upfront costs, all tailored to your unique needs.