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Discovering the 5 Top Industries in Boulder, Colorado and How They Use IT to Succeed

Top Industries in Boulder

The digital age has ushered in a plethora of opportunities, but it has also introduced a critical pain point: the widening gap between industries that effectively leverage Information Technology (IT) and those that don’t.

According to a study by McKinsey, companies that are digitally advanced are 23% more profitable than their less tech-savvy counterparts.

“In today’s competitive landscape, the confluence of technology and industry expertise is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity,” James Bishop, Partner at Propel Technology

In this blog, we will delve into the top industries in Boulder, Colorado, and explore how they leverage IT to achieve unparalleled success.


Boulder Industries: A Snapshot

Boulder is a city that epitomizes the fusion of technological innovation and diverse industrial growth. With a GDP of $25 billion, Boulder stands as a testament to the power of a diversified economy. But what are the industries driving this economic engine?


Top Industries in Boulder: The Big Five

1. Aerospace: Soaring High in Boulder

The aerospace sector in Boulder is a significant contributor to both local and national economies. With companies like Ball Aerospace leading the way, this industry is a hotbed for innovation.

But how does IT fit into this picture? Advanced simulation software and data analytics tools are revolutionizing the way aerospace companies conduct research and development.

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2. Bioscience: The Pulse of Innovation

Bioscience is another of Boulder’s top industries, with a focus on cutting-edge research and development. According to the Boulder Economic Council, the city is a hub for bioscience innovation.

IT plays a pivotal role here, especially in the realms of data analysis and genome sequencing, making research more efficient and actionable.


3. Cleantech: Powering a Sustainable Future

Cleantech in Boulder is not just an industry; it’s a movement. With a focus on sustainable energy solutions, companies in this sector are making significant strides.

IT comes into play in energy management systems and smart grid technologies, optimizing energy use and reducing waste.


4. IT/Software: The Digital Backbone

As per Boulder, Colorado, USA, the IT and software sector itself is a major industry in Boulder.

From cloud computing to cybersecurity, the range of services offered is vast. If you’re in this industry, staying updated on the latest IT trends is not just beneficial; it’s essential for survival.


5. Outdoor Recreation: Adventure Meets Technology

Outdoor recreation is more than just a pastime in Boulder; it’s one of the biggest industries.

With the advent of wearable technology and GPS-enabled devices, the user experience has been significantly enhanced.


In-Depth Comparison of IT Applications in Top Boulder Industries

Industry Key IT Applications Impact on Industry Notable Companies Using IT
Aerospace Simulation Software, Data Analytics Enhanced R&D, Cost Efficiency Ball Aerospace
Bioscience Data Analysis, Genome Sequencing Accelerated Research, Personalized Medicine Array BioPharma
Cleantech Energy Management Systems, Smart Grids Reduced Energy Waste, Sustainability Boulder Community Health
IT/Software Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity Scalability, Data Protection Google, IBM
Outdoor Rec Wearable Technology, GPS-Enabled Devices Enhanced User Experience, Safety Various Local Startups


Biggest Industries in Boulder: Employment and Salary Trends

The U.S. Census Bureau found that education services employ approximately 11,250 Boulder residents, making it a significant employment sector.

However, the highest-paying industry is the sector, including mining, quarrying, oil, and gas extraction, with an average salary of $126,985. IT skills can significantly boost your employability and income in these sectors.


Industries in Boulder: The Role of Research and Innovation

Boulder hosts more than half of Colorado’s federally funded labs, contributing over $1.5 billion to the local economy. IT aids in research through data analytics and computational models, making Boulder a research powerhouse.

Top Industries in Boulder

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