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The 5 Top Colorado Springs Tech Companies

Top Colorado Springs Tech Companies

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Colorado state is a modern tech hub, with over 145,000 jobs in the sector and growing. The top tech companies in Colorado Springs are playing a significant role in this boom.


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Nestled amidst the stunning Rocky Mountain landscapes, Colorado Springs has emerged as a burgeoning hub for technology and innovation. The city’s vibrant tech scene is fueled by a diverse ecosystem of companies, ranging from aerospace giants to cutting-edge software developers.

In addition to Colorado Springs, the state of Colorado as a whole has become synonymous with technological advancement, attracting top talent and investment from around the globe.

Let’s now explore some of these leading tech players in the region and their specific industries.


Top Tech Companies in Colorado Springs


Company Name



Lockheed Martin Aerospace Global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Aerospace and defense technology company
Oracle Technology Multinational computer technology corporation
Verizon Telecommunications American multinational telecommunications conglomerate
Cherwell Software Software IT service management software company


Large Tech Companies in Colorado Springs


Lockheed Martin

As one of the largest tech companies in Colorado Springs, Lockheed Martin is a global leader in aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies. With a significant presence in the city, Lockheed Martin plays a crucial role in driving innovation and technological advancement in the region.


Northrop Grumman

Another prominent player in the aerospace and defense sector, Northrop Grumman, is among the top tech companies in Colorado Springs. The company specializes in cutting-edge aerospace technology and is vital in supporting national security initiatives.


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Oracle, a multinational computer technology corporation, is one of the leading technology companies in Colorado Springs. With a focus on cloud computing, software, and hardware products, Oracle provides innovative solutions to businesses across various industries.



Verizon, a telecommunications giant, is a major player in the Colorado Springs tech scene. With a diverse portfolio of services, including wireless communications, internet, and TV, Verizon is at the forefront of connectivity and digital innovation in the region.



Cherwell Software

Cherwell Software is a homegrown success story and one of the top software companies in Colorado Springs. Specializing in IT service management software, Cherwell Software helps organizations streamline their IT operations and improve efficiency.


The Future of Colorado Springs Technology Companies

In addition to the largest tech companies in Colorado Springs, the city is also home to a thriving ecosystem of startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses driving innovation and growth in the tech sector.

The state of Colorado has been proactive in fostering a supportive environment for technology companies, offering tax incentives, grants, and access to resources to fuel their growth.


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Colorado Springs continues to attract top talent and investment worldwide with its skilled workforce, collaborative culture, and access to research institutions and universities. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a business looking to tap into Colorado’s vibrant tech ecosystem, the state offers endless opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and success.

From the biggest tech companies to emerging startups, Colorado Springs’s diverse range of tech companies reflects the city’s dynamic and innovative spirit. As technology continues to evolve and shape the future, Colorado Springs remains at the forefront of innovation, driving progress and prosperity in the region.

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Top Tech Companies in Colorado Springs


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