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Why Use Managed Services? 7 Reasons to Consider

Why Use Managed Services

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Understanding why managed IT services are essential shouldn’t be overly complex. For any business that relies significantly on information technology, adopting managed IT services is critical for maintaining operational security and the ability to scale effectively.


“Managed IT services empower companies to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, capitalizing on innovation while securing a reliable and safe IT framework,” notes James Bishop, Partner at Propel Technology.


In this article, we’ll explore why your organization should consider using managed IT services. Our focus will be on harnessing the potential of your business, reducing potential risks, and confidently navigating the complexities of the digital environment.


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The Significance of Managed Services: Understanding the Managed Services Value Proposition

The expansion of managed IT services is noteworthy and essential, mirroring shifts in the global business landscape. Companies are increasingly acknowledging the critical role why managed IT services play in catalyzing growth, enhancing resilience, and driving innovation.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the many ways that managed IT services can have a transformative impact on your business.


Enabling Business Expansion

Managed IT services transcend the limits of conventional IT support, becoming a cornerstone for strategic business expansion.

By laying down a solid IT groundwork, these services ensure smooth technological operations and a forward-looking IT strategy, empowering businesses to broaden their market reach and provide unparalleled value to their clientele.


Sharpening Strategic Focus on Primary Business Functions

The decision to leverage managed IT services for IT oversight allows companies to reallocate their internal teams and focus more on their core business areas.

This shift towards prioritizing innovation, strategic planning, and delivering superior value positions companies for agility and market competitiveness.


Enhancing Cost Efficiency With Predictable Planning and Budgeting

Managed IT services revolutionize cost control through their subscription-based managed services model. This approach offers the advantage of predictable financial planning, protecting companies from the unforeseen expenses typical of the break-fix IT model.

The cost savings achieved facilitate a more strategic distribution of budgetary resources, underlining the importance of managed services in today’s business environment.


Strengthening Your Cybersecurity Posture

In an era of increasingly rampant cyber threats, the reason managed IT services become indispensable is clear. They serve as a formidable barrier, deploying cutting-edge cybersecurity strategies.

Through consistent threat evaluations, proactive security protocols, and diligent proactive monitoring, companies are shielded from emerging cyber risks, ensuring the protection of critical data and sustaining customer trust.


Reducing the Economic Impact of Cyber Incidents

The prevalence and fiscal toll of data breaches are escalating for today’s businesses, costing an average of $4.45 million. The financial aftermath of such incidents can soar to astronomical sums, severely tarnishing a company’s public image.

Managed IT services offer a holistic approach to data stewardship, encompassing frequent data backups, secure data storage, and rigorous disaster recovery strategies. This proactive approach positions companies to effectively deter data breaches, protecting financial standing and reputational value.



Avoiding the High Costs of Downtime

For any business, the financial losses due to downtime are staggering, with some estimates being as low as $427 per minute and as high as $9,000. Regardless of the amount, time is money, and these costs can accumulate quickly.

Managed IT services embrace a forward-thinking problem-solving strategy, aiming to detect and rectify issues before they lead to system outages.This strategy not only reduces the financial blow from downtime but also boosts operational efficiency and ensures continuous business operations.


Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Business’s Needs

Managed IT services emphasize personalization, crafting customized solutions that meet each business’s unique demands. This guarantees that IT strategies perfectly align with company objectives, enhancing the efficacy of IT endeavors.

The versatility and scalability of managed IT services enable companies to remain nimble and adapt swiftly to rapidly changing tech landscapes.


Exploring the Advantages of Managed IT Services for Businesses


Seamless Technology Integration

Managed IT services are pivotal in successfully implementing cutting-edge technologies within a company’s operations.

Through consistent updates, hardware enhancements, and infrastructural improvements, businesses can maneuver through fast-paced technological shifts.

Such integration not only propels operational productivity forward but also places enterprises at the vanguard of tech innovation, underlining the managed services importance.


Comprehensive Data Management

Data breaches have become a prevalent and costly threat in today’s digital landscape. Research from Verizon shows that the financial repercussions of a data breach often force 60% of small businesses to close down, and could also cause significant reputational damage.

Managed IT services encompass comprehensive data management, including regular backups, secure storage, and robust disaster recovery planning. This proactive approach ensures that businesses are well-prepared to thwart potential data breaches, safeguarding financial assets and brand integrity.


Enhanced Regulatory Compliance and Security

Navigating the complex regulatory compliance landscape presents a significant challenge for businesses across industries. Managed IT services ensure that businesses meet and exceed industry standards and regulations for data security and privacy.

Managed services partners implement stringent security protocols and governance practices by leveraging their expertise in the latest compliance requirements.

This comprehensive approach significantly mitigates the risk of non-compliance fines and legal repercussions, ensuring businesses operate within legal frameworks with enhanced data security measures.


Scalability That Keeps Pace With Business Growth

As businesses grow and evolve, their IT needs change dynamically. One of the standout benefits of managed IT services is their scalability, allowing for the seamless scaling of IT resources and support services in alignment with business expansion or contraction.

This flexibility ensures that businesses can adapt to market demands without the overheads of scaling in-house IT teams or infrastructure.

Managed services enable companies to efficiently manage their IT capabilities, ensuring they are always aligned with current business needs and future growth strategies, which emphasizes managed services’ importance in supporting your long-term growth journey.


Why Managed IT Services are Better: The Proof is in the Numbers

Managed Service


Estimated Cost Savings

Proactive Downtime Reduction Adopting preemptive strategies to detect and resolve impending problems ahead of any downtime incidents. Significantly reduced downtime expenses, which can range from $427 to $9,000 per minute.
Strengthening Data Security Enhancing data protection through comprehensive cybersecurity initiatives, ongoing evaluations, and in-depth disaster recovery strategies to mitigate the risk of data breaches. Reduced costs from mitigating data breaches, which have an average cost of $4.45 million.
Enhanced Network Monitoring Employing advanced network monitoring solutions to proactively pinpoint and resolve network challenges. Improved operational efficiency, diminished running expenses, and boosted security, all of which result in a reduced ROI.


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See Why Managed Services are Better With a Trusted IT Partner

As your business grows and adapts to the evolution of technology, having access to dependable managed services and support is vital. Managed IT services offering guidance towards enhanced productivity, advanced cybersecurity, and sustainable business expansion.

If you’re still wondering why managed services providers are a good choice for your business, we can help. Backed by 57 years of combined IT experience, Propel Technology is a leading managed services provider, committed to accelerating your business’s momentum.


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IT management is easier when you have a reliable managed services partner. Reach out to us today for more information and how we can propel your business forward.

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